The increasingly crowded competition among cloud-storage providers may lead to a boon for creatives – more storage for your money.

Dropbox has announced that it was increasing the amount of storage available to Dropbox Pro subscribers, but without increasing subscription fees: Users of the $9.99-a-month (around £6.40) 50GB storage plan will now have 100GB available at the same cost; subscribers to the $19.99-a-month (£12.80) 100GB storage plan will also see their available storage double to 200GB without a fee increase. A new 500GB plan costs $49.99 a month (£32). The basic 2GB version remains free.

Dropbox has found favour with many creatives – including the Digital Arts team and many of our contributors – as a quick and easy way to share large files between laptops and desktops, and between clients . It can be accessed through a web interface, desktop clients for Mac OS X and Windows that seamlessly populate folders with shared files, and iOS and Dropbox apps.