Zinio, a distributor of digital magazines for iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and computer desktops, is up for sale, according to a report on Forbes.

The company enables magazines to distribute electronic versions of their publications on iOS and other platforms.

Zinio has had considerable success since the iPad launched, and is currently the world’s largest newsstand and bookstare. It also enables customers to read publications on Android and BlackBerry devices, as well as on computers.

But it is seen to be facing increased pressure from custom-built magazine Apps that can be distributed via Apple’s App Store and are promoted and stored with Apple’s Newwstand service. Newsstand also enables customers to purchase digital editions with an iTunes account, rather than signing up for a separate Zinio account.

Most Zinio editions are based upon flat replicas of the printed page, although interactive features such as video and audio can be inserted into Zinio editions.  Custom-built apps, however, distributed via Newsstand can contain whatever interactive features the developer’s implement. Digital Arts itself has both Zinio distribution and App Store Newsstand distribution of its products.

Zinio has a healthy stable on publications, however, including Digital Arts, our sister magazines Macworld, PC Advisor, and iPad & iPhone User, plus the likes of Harvard Business Review, The Economist, Playboy, Elle, and Cosmpolitan.

Last year, Richard Maggiotto, Zinio’s CEO told PaidContent that Apple’s Newsstand hadn’t affected the company: “If you measure by revenue, it hasn’t had any impact. In fact it’s gone up. We’ve remained number one in 76 countries in the news category”.

According to Forbes, Zinio is looking for between $50 million to $100 million and has hired Montgomery and Co. to handle the sale.