Design Council wants you to help train and inspire design industry's next generation


The Design Council and Creative & Cultural Skills have launched Design Needs You, a new campaign that encourages designers to help the next generation of creative talent aiming to work in the design industry.

Design Needs You's aim is to enable employers in the design industry to directly influence the training of future designers, by bridging the gap between the education and the design industry. Designers, studios and creative businesses are encouraged to collaborate with training providers to make sure young people hoping to embark on a career in the creative industry are being equipped with the skills they will need.

For example, as part of the new scheme, employers in the design industry could contribute to the Get Into Design careers website, use Skype to provide children in classrooms with design industry knowledge, work with the Design Business Association and British Design Innovation to develop training frameworks, or employ an apprentice or intern.

In addition to helping young creatives get the best chance at securing a job in the design industry when they leave school, Design Needs You could mean that students graduating in the future will be ready to join your team without any further training, as they'll already have the skills they need.

MD of Greenwich Design, Simon Wright, has recently said he's unimpressed with the new graduate designers that he's been interviewing for jobs, so Design Needs You could mean he, and other employers, don't feel the same way when it comes to graduate season a few years from now.

The Design Needs You campaign follows the Design Council's #IncludeDesign campaign. Leader of #IncludeDesign and global design director at ustwo, Joe Macleod, has said: "We've done a lot to campaign to government about the importance of design in education, but what about our active role? Is industry the absent parent in design education? Design Needs You provides an opportunity to unite the design industry and address this gap between tangible actions."

Creative & Cultural Skills CEO, Catherine Large, says: "Design Needs You is a call for industry to reach out to the next generation of talent. Our research has highlighted a disconnect between the skills employers need and the training that young people are being provided through the education system.

"Our design sector is a world leader, but if we want to maintain this status we must do more to provide young people with the skills they need to succeed. The Design Skills Academy provides an infrastructure within which employers and educators can collaborate for mutual benefit, and we’re looking forward to working with more businesses across industry to that end."


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