Branding firm and neuroscientist hook up to create a Beautiful Mind

Creators of Beautiful Mind, neuroscientist Beau Lotto and Purpose director Stuart Youngs

Beautiful Mind is a new creative agency created by branding firm Purpose and neuroscientist Dr Beau Lotto to offer clients new ways of looking at their customers using new discoveries in the areas of neuroscience and behavioural science.

The agency will also be producing its own products, services and experiences.

The idea behind Beautiful Mind comes from the belief that that creatives need to ask different questions to elicit answers that will transform a brand or business – but with the understanding that this requires a shift in corporate thinking, which typically looks for answers that improve efficiency.

Beau describes his approach in the video below.

Beautiful Mind is offering three main services: delivered talks, workshops and tailored primary research programmes – all reliant on research created by neuroscientists that is adapted for clients by Purpose's brand experts.

The agency is currently developing several experiential products, including an interactive ‘digital tree’ in London; a social network in development in Silicon Valley and a pop-up laboratory in the form of a night club/cabaret which liberates field research from the inhibiting contrivances of a focus group setting – a format that Beau
Lotto explored during a residency at London's Science Museum.

“The better we can understand how we perceive the world around us, the more effective we can create communication and experiences that better connect with people," says Purpose director Stuart Youngs. "We are incredibly excited about the collaboration with LottoLab and the opportunities it brings to create positive transformation.”


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