The AOI reminds illustrators their business is Not a Hobby

Illustration for the AOI's latest campaign, as made by Cathal Duane

The AOI launches its empowerment campaign for illustrators with new visuals from Ben the Illustrator and newcomers like Cathal Duane.

Professional illustrators should know their business is not a hobby - but this may be a fact lost on those new to the industry.

Making sure the message gets across is illustrator friend and ally The AOI , who we recently worked with towards the common goal of making sure illustrators turn their art into real profit with our advice piece this month on how to price illustrations.

Their new campaign #NotAHobby aims to get creatives to invest an hour a day into their business development, with the launch of new resources, industry insights and events being rolled out as of this week.

Also being unveiled is a new fee calculator on the AOI site, available exclusively to members and coming with banner illustrations from the one and only Ben the Illustrator. Check out some of his figures below.

The new calculator is a good substitute for the AOI's earlier pricing service which had to be pulled earlier this year, and one which will get creators to be more proactive in pricing their work without relying on the proverbial tablespoon. If you want to eat then you got to work that beat as much as you can, folk.

Find out more on joining the AOI here and keep an eye on Digital Arts' business and career section to get the most out of your freelance work.

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