Aardman, Blue Zoo, The Mill, Jellyfish and other creatives join the Resistance against Brexit

Paul Shipper's posters for Solo: A Star Wars Story, which featured VFX by Jellyfish

Attempting to stop the UK going Solo are some of the country's leading animation, VFX and post-production studios – which have signed a letter calling for a people's vote alongside Terence Conran, Martha Lane-Fox and others.

Remainers, there is a Creative Resistance against the possibility of Brexit (or, from a Leaver's point of view, there's a new band of Siths joining the European Galactic Empire to quash the possibility of our little planet ever leaving them). 

Joining the list of signatories on an official letter send today to call for a People's Vote on Brexit are the heads of animation (Jedi) masters such as Aardman and Blue Zoo, and VFX-fighter pilots like The Mill, Milk and Jellyfish Pictures, who you'll know from their work on Solo and best Star Wars movie this century The Last Jedi (don't @ us). 

The letter, which was sent on to both of the UK's main party leaders, has over 170 signatures including many leading figures from the creative industries who are worried the £101.05bn contribution they made to GDP in 2017 will be threatened by a poor or no-deal Brexit.

Others signing the letter include Chris Hirst, UK CEO of advertising agency Havas, Gagosian Gallery director Gary Waterston and Rosie Wolfenden, co-founder of jewellery company Tatty Devine. 

A varied range, then, but will it be enough Force to stop the UK from crashing out of the EU? The saga continues...

The full list of signatories from the animation and VFX industries includes:

Adrian Bull – Cinelab
Alexis Hagger, Lexhag
Brian Cantwell, Soho Editors
Cara Kotschy, Fifty Fifty Post
Cara Sheppard, Warner Brothers DeLane Lea
Clare Cooney, Progressive Broadcast Hire
Dan Weaver, Fudge Animation
Dave Sproxton, Aardman Animation
Drew Jones, Peerless
Ed Galton, Cake Entertainment
Eileen Byrne, Media Dog Limited
Erica Darby, SpiderEye
Ian Mackinnon, Mackinnon and Saunders
Kate O’Conner Animation UK
Lucy Ainsworth-Taylor, BlueBolt
Mark Taylor, A Productions
Milly Ali, Timeline TV
Neil Hatton, UK Screen Alliance
Oli Hyatt, Blue Zoo
Phil Dobree, Jellyfish Pictures
Richard Moss, Gorilla TV
Ruth Fielding, Lupus Film
Sean Costelloe, The Mill
Will Cohen, Milk Visual Effects 

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