5 ways to drive results in digital marketing

At a recent series of talks organised by leading London-based creative agency Studio Output at the Digital Arts HQ, Ewa Lascelles revealed her top-level tips on how to make digital marketing efforts as effective as possible.

Ewa is head of digital at British Gas for its Connected Home division – which includes the heavily marketed Hive smart thermostat. Previously she worked for in digital marketing for Sony’s online services provider SNEI – which includes the PlayStation Network – and for Sky.

If you’re involved in marketing, you can discover five great examples of best practice – and if you’re a creative, you’ll gain an important insight into what your clients are looking for (the good ones, anyway).

In the video above, Ewa stresses the important of the brief, as she needs to take a convincing story about any potential new project back to the rest of her business – and her boss, who’s primarily interested in one thing.

A still from the recent broadcast ad campaign for Hive.

Ewa recommends you get close to the data, so you can focus your time and make quick wins. She says that you should understand the evolution of digital, and start innovations on a small scale – then role them out bigger when you’ve established how they worked best through measurement and analysis.

Good results require a great team, says Ewa, and you have to trust each other.  Lastly she says, you need to give your team (and yourself) permission to fail – but try to budget for it.

Studio Output's Ian Hambleton is co-organiser of the Glug series of 'notworking' events in East London. The next one's tomorrow evening and is curated by leading branding firm Wolff Olins.

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