We’re very lucky to work in an industry where our brightest and best are often happy to share what they’ve learned along the way.

Sharing and passing on our successes, failures and experience is ingrained in the creative industries. The idea – found often in other areas of business – of keeping best practice hidden to give you some imagined advantage over competitors doesn’t fit within a career that most of us consider as much part of our personal lives as our professional ones.

One of the best ways to learn from the most prominent members of our industry is to attend talks given by them, and one of the best series of these is Glug. Created by Nick Clement of Made Studio and Ian Hambleton of Studio Output, these regular events combine a series of talks by leading or up-and-coming creatives on a usually cohesive theme with non-career-focussed networking (or as the organisers call it, networking).

Read our interview with Studio Output’s Ian Hambleton on why he set up Glug and what he gets out of running it.

Glug’s talks range from monographs to creative practice, career advice to current trends – and even discussions of the holistic side of being a professional creative (i.e. how to be happier and more fulfilled by your career).

Here we’ve collected our favourite five talks from Glug’s eight-year history featuring the anarchic and hilarious Mr Bingo, some home truths from SomeOne’s Simon Manchipp, the final ever talk by Airside as the studio closed its doors after 14 years, Jim Thornton from VCCP discussing television while dressed as a dinosaur and ustwo’s Joe Macloed’s exploration of what happened to closure now that digital projects have no defined end.

Watch the talks above and below.

5 great creative talks

SomeOne: Simon Manchipp

SomeOne is a branding agency who’ve worked on projects from Olympic Pictograms to the design of Tottenham Hotspur’s identity. Here co-founder and creative director Simon Manchipp reveals what he’s learned along the way, what we can learn from the arts and tells it like it is about being a creative in a climate of austerity.

Airside: Alex Maclean

In 2011, one of the most loved and respected creative agencies in the UK, Airside, split as its three founders went their separate ways. As this was happening, co-founder Alex Maclean took to the stage at Glug to look back over Airside’s 14 years, celebrate what they’d achieved and pass on what they’ve learned. There’s also a cracking animated remix of East 17’s Stay Another Day by another Airside co-founder, Fred Deakin.

ustwo: Joe Macleod

Before the internet came along and messed things us, design projects usually had a defined beginning, middle and an end. But digital projects are usually continuous, iteratively developed as part of a bigger whole. What does this lack of closure mean for those of us work on such projects – and how do we deal with it?

VCCP: Jim Thornton

Creative director Jim Thornton has won two D&AD Awards, several British Television Association Awards and a couple of Cannes Lions. Here he discusses why television is still an important medium for creativity and advertising – while dressed as a dinosaur. What more do you need to know?

We’ll be bringing together more of Glug’s talks in future stories, covering areas such as illustration and branding.

Next Glug

The next Glug is on June 26 at Cargo in Shoreditch, and is curated by design agency Wolff Olins. I was lucky enough to moderate a panel discussion last week about creativity with its co-founder Michael Wolff. You can read the best quotes from Michael Wolff, AKQA CEO Ajaz Ahmed and creative director Ian Wharton here.

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