Salmon, space dogs, skeletons: The Chemical Brothers' greatest music videos

They may not have won at the 2020 Grammy's for their dog-tastic video to We've Got To Try, but UK dance duo legends the Chemical Brothers sure deserved the nomination.

They've made some classic videos over their 30 years in the music biz, ones which have never been nominated at prior Grammy Awards, but which should have been, victory in the bag.

You can see all these magnificent promos in our selection of the Chemical Brothers' 15 best music videos, incorporating influential work by Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze, and a whole load of robots, skeletons and jarringly photogenic dancers.

We've prioritised videos that truly lean into creativity, CGI and character design, so this may explain if any of your favourites haven't made the cut.

And for those disappointed by the Chems losing an award, find solace in the Grammys they did win for Best Dance Album and Recording for their work on 2019's No Geography album.

The Salmon Dance

Released: 2007

Director(s): Dom and Nic

We start our top 15 with a quirky promo from the UK duo of Nic Goffey and Dominic Hawley, longtime visual collaborators of the Brothers whose names you'll see a few times on this list.

We have to ask though, where is the actual salmon in this video?


Released: 2005

Director(s): Dom and Nic

The one where a Londoner gets chased through the streets by a rogue robotic arm.

Free Yourself

Released: 2018

Director(s): Dom and Nic

More rogue robots. Even if Dom and Nic were running out of ideas by this point, it's still a memorable MV.

We've Got To Try

Released: 2019

Director(s): Ninian Doff

A dog is shot into space. It enters a kind of psychedelic hyperspace. The final shot reveals he was the ancestor of a dog planet, based in some far-flung galaxy.

Great video with the right amount of chuckles and awe.

Get Yourself High

Released: 2003

Director(s): Joseph Kahn

Onto our top ten of our rundown with Get Yourself High.

This video is the one with funny lip-synced kung fu, made with old film footage of martial arts fighters made to look like they're rapping along to k-os's boss lyrics.

Director Joseph Jun-hee Kahn is perhaps better known for his equally winking videos to Toxic by Britney Spears and Taylor Swift's Bad Blood. His videography is a massive Who's Who of American pop greats.

Wide Open

Released: 2016

Director(s): Dom and Nic

This was the song that featured Beck Hansen (although he's not in the video.) It's also a digital art treat, featuring a dancer who becomes increasingly see-through as she moves to the song, making for striking imagery reminiscent of a certain other Chemical Brothers video coming up in the list.

Check out our ranking of Beck's best album covers from last year.

The Boxer

Released: 2005

Director(s): Ne-o

Ne-O aka London directing duo Jake and Ryoko made this bouncing basketball mayhem in the same year they directed the much beloved VW Golf 'Singing in the Rain' ad. 

Talk about a good year.

Another World

Released: 2010

Director(s): Adam Smith, Marcus Lyall

Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall directed all the promos and tour visuals around the Chemicals' seventh studio album, Further.

Of all their hypnotic, digital-heavy creations, Another World is their best, and almost made our list of the best music videos released last decade.

Got To Keep On

Released: 2019

Director(s): Michel Gondry, Olivier Gondry

This won the Grammy. Well, the song did, in the best Dance Recording Category, but not the subtly surreal video, as co-directed by Michel Gondry. We've Got To Try from earlier was the one Grammy folk gravitated to in the nomination stakes. 

Gondry's other relatively recent Chemical collaboration Go didn't make our list, but that's another good one. Other videos that almost made the cut included Galvanise, Midnight Madness and The Golden Path, none of which were directed by Gondry, but all worth a mention.


Released: 1997

Director(s): Spike Jonze

When he wasn't making videos for Daft Punk and Fatboy Slim, Spike Jonze directed a promo for the Brothers starring none other than Sofia Coppola.

Elektrobank may not be FX-heavy, but it's a visually captivating example from the Jonze filmography.

Now onto our top five of the greatest Chemical Brothers videos ever made.

Star Guitar

Released: 2002

Director(s): Michel Gondry, Olivier Gondry

This video masterly marked the Chemicals move into more Balearic territory, eschewing the gaudy theatrics for something more laid-back yet still visually distinctive.

Setting Sun

Released: 1996

Director(s): Dom and Nic

Setting Sun remains one of the duo's darkest videos, telling the tale of hedonism gone wrong.

Block Rockin' Beats

Released: 1997

Director(s): Dom and Nic

Very 90s, and yet still a timeless, cool as Block video. Dom and Nic were obviously unstoppable by this point.

Hey Boy Hey Girl

Released: 1999

Director(s): Dom and Nic

Their darkest, most disturbing video. But still, what a dance anthem it remains!

Let Forever Be

Released: 1999

Director(s): Michel Gondry

While we can't say this is Gondry's best video ever - I mean, the man has made so many absolute classics for Daft Punk, Björk and others, it's hard to choose - but we can categorically say this is the best Chemical Brothers video ever made.

Ingenious, inventive, kaleidoscopic - they just don't make them like this anymore.

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