How to edit 360 video: what techniques and computer you need to create 360-degree video for VR, YouTube and Facebook

360-degree video offers new opportunities for filmmakers, production and post-production companies. Whether destined for virtual reality – or on Facebook or YouTube where users can pan around while watching – there are a lot of creative possibilities to the form. And – as the new hot thing – brands are all over it and want the commission projects using it.

But how do you edit it in tools such as Premiere Pro? And how powerful a computer do you need to edit 360 video?

To find out, I spoke to Oli da Costa, a director, editor and VFX artist specialising in extreme sports – where 360 video has proved popular. Oli is founder of production company Geebeebee Media and Fraktiv Post Production, working the brands like Red Bull.

I also interviewed John Burton from Dell about configuring the right workstation for editing VR.

To learn from them, watch the video above.

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