Monotype’s Between font is legible, warm & modern (with 3 different designs)

Monotype has released a new typeface with three different designs, with the intention of brands and designers using them harmoniously alongside each other. 

The Between type family, designed by Akira Kobayashi of the Monotype Studio, draws on the crisp legible appearance of 20th century typefaces, whilst still possessing a warm and welcoming nature. The name was inspired by the ability of the typeface to move between applications, making it adaptable and flexible.

Akira compares the typeface to an egg – it can be prepared a number of different ways based on the need of the chef. 

Between is envisioned for a wide variety of branding, including clothing brands for men, women and children, as well as fitness and automotive brands, and even food menus. 

Monotype recognises a global trend of brands adopting rounded and humanist sans serif typefaces. These generally have open forms that lead the eye horizontally, making them the best sans serifs for long reading and small text. 

Brands that use sans serif include Microsoft, Facebook and Spotify, as well as Mastercard’s recent move to sans serif as part of its rebranding.

Akira wanted to design a sans serif typeface that was approachable, drawing inspiration from traces he made in the 1990s, but also had the flexibility of three choices for designers to mix and match.

“There is one characteristic that runs through the Between typeface family – that natural rhythm of letters,” he says. 

“I did this deliberately to give Between the ability to transition from one use to the next. For instance, a brand can use one Between design for a bold and strong headline, and another design for body text.”

Breaking down the Between typeface family

Each of the three variations of Between takes on different states of energy and speed of movement, offering eight weights and italics.

Between 1: The most modern of the forms, fusing industrial and humanistic san serif styles.

Between 1 pairs well with static designs like Monotype’s Eurostile, Verdana, DIN Next and DIN Next Slab typefaces.

Between 2: A balance between crisp, readable and friendly with the goal of natural looking letterforms.

Between 2 pairs well with Monotype’s Neue Frutiger or Avenir typefaces.

Between 3: A freestyle sans serif with a lively, handwritten feel, possessing a youthful and uplifting manner. 

Between 3 pairs well with typefaces that have round stroke endings, such as Monotype’s Akko Rounded and DIN Next Rounded.

All three designs share the same cap height, x-height and many letterforms, but the different characteristics of each font can be seen in certain letter like ‘e’ and ‘g’.


The complete Between typeface family is available for US$299 (roughly £240), or individually for $149 each (£120). Single fonts of the Between typeface are available for $35 (£28).

All Between family packages will be available at a discounted price of 50 percent off until December 1. 

The entire typeface family will also be added to the Monotype Library Subscription, and,, and

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