Pantone’s distinctive new purple shade in honour of Prince

To pay tribute to Prince’s undeniable impact on the colour purple, Pantone has just released a new shade dubbed Love Symbol #2.

Following the re-edition of the iconic Purple Rain (1984) earlier this year, Love Symbol #2 was created to honour the late artist.

It is the result of a collaboration between Pantone Color Institute and The Prince Estate. Their goal was to come up with a standardised custom colour appealing to everyone and evidently remindful of Prince’s famous attires – and even more famous record. The main inspiration came from the artist’s custom-made Yamaha purple piano.

Following the success of the Purple Rain film and of its eponym soundtrack which sold over 22 million copies (placing it at 6th rank on the best-selling soundtrack in history), purple became a part of Prince’s life. It occupied his instruments, clothes and furnitures. Over the years, the colour became indissociable from the singer. After his tragic death, thousands of fans gathered to pay him a tribute, using the colour purple in a variety of ways to honour him. Pantone wishes to contribute to these many homages. 

"The colour purple was synonymous with who Prince was and will always be", said Troy Carter, entertainment advisor to Prince’s Estate. "This is an incredible way for his legacy to live on forever". 

"We are honoured to have worked on the development of Love Symbol #2, a distinctive new purple shade created in memory of Prince, 'the purple one'", said Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Colour Institute. "A musical icon known for his artistic brilliance, Love Symbol #2 is emblematic of Prince’s distinctive style."

Prince is considered an international icon, having broken boundaries and challenged many social norms. He has sold over 100 million of records and is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 2004, the first year he was eligible to be inducted. He also collaborated with many greats, including Madonna, Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse. His impact on music made him one of the most influential singers ever. His entire collection has recently been made available on streaming platforms and has already known great success.

Pantone communicates through colour over various materials. Recently, it predicted the top 10 colours for Autumn 2017The colour company focuses on colour trends and advises companies on colour in brand identity, product development and colour assurance programs. 

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