The cost of running a printer can be exorbitant, especially if you’ve only got one printer than you use both for high-quality prints for clients and you’re day-to-day admin. You probably know that printing in black and draft will save pennies but we’re going to show you some excellent tips to save even more money.

Tip 1: Adblock Plus

Remove web advertising before you print to save cash

There are a raft of sensible ways to print and save your hard earned pennies simply by applying some free download tools to help you print smart. As well as only printing in draft and black when you don't need colour prints, you can use clever apps like Adblock plus, which, well, does what it says on the tin. Everyone knows that printing from websites often doesn't agree with your printer and the result can look like an accidental Picasso rather than a web page. The tool helps you print only the information you want to print by blocking the advertising on the page, saving you valuable time and print resources.

Tip 2: Safari AdBlock

Block ads on a Mac you don't want to print

Print unwanted content from web pages is a real bug bear for a lot of people and the costs really add up over time. Printing colour shots of ads with images you don’t need is a waste of cash so some clever bods developed Safari AdBlock. The free tool is a plug in that provides basic and advanced settings so you can configure it depending on your ability. You can set the tool so it blocks annoying advertising automatically, which means you only print the text you need. Over time, costs for those small print jobs stack up and you’ll be printing much more sensibly.

Tip 3: CocaoBooklet

Turn prints in to booklets to save cash

Well know free PDF converter Fineprint has finally found a Mac alternative known as CocaoBooklet. The Mac download tool is designed to help you save on paper, ink and time, boosting you piggy bank collection for a rainy day. The tool lets you create a booklet out of a PDF file, which reduces the amount of pages you need to print. You can print multiple pages in a booklet format on one page and create a mini booklet so you can print on both sides. If you do want to print the PDF docs, you’ll have your important stuff stored so you can only print the docs you need.

Tip 4: Greenprint

Eco print with Greenprint

Available for the Mac and PC, Greenprint is another free download tool to help you only print what you need so it is both eco friendly and economical. The tool connects to your printer and is rolled out for anyone, from home users to enterprise companies. It comes up a normal printer on your desktop but can send users estimated costs for print jobs before they are printed. That means you get to decide if it's really worth printing off. It can also create PDFs to save on printing and comes built with diagnostic and analytic reports to give you a comprehensive print management system.

Tip 5: Eco Font Vera Sans

Save the planet with holey fonts

We all like to do something soul cleansing like help save the planet, even if it's only in the minutia of our daily lives but, every little helps right? You're not exactly going to save the planet with Eco Font Vera Sans though it is a cunningly simple way to save you cash. The tool embeds a print button on your tool bar and the developers claim they can save you up to 50 per cent of toner when you are printing in black text. It does this by perforating fonts with miniscule holes that can't be seen when they are printed. Ingenious!