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It's easier than ever to take as many photographs as you like, thanks to the power and convenience of digital cameras. You simply have to point and shoot, and you’ve got another shot to add to the collection. And all this without any kind of extra cost involved.

Meanwhile, more than ever, we are also choosing to print out the results of our picture-taking activities too.

Digital cameras can do much of the hard work for you when you’re actually snapping, but it’s the area of printing and ink technology that has truly revolutionised the way we can enjoy our colour photographs. Being able to print out lab-quality digital images at home is now both quick and easy, thanks largely to Kodak Hero All-in-One printers and others, which provide universal solutions for your domestic printing needs.

A new way forward

All-in-One printers offer a complete suite of outputting options, including full-colour printing alongside scanning and copying functionality. With a device like this at your disposal, you're able to print high quality, durable photographs with ease. The newKodak Hero printers are now way more advanced than products from other manufacturers.

Five factors contribute to how long your pictures will last when using a traditional inkjet printer: light, thermal energy (heat and temperature), humidity, pollutants in the atmosphere such as ozone, and the type of paper you use. These five factors mean that many conventional inkjet printers produce photos that don't look great and probably won't stand the test of time either.

This is because traditionally dye-based inks are not durable enough, and their pigment make-up does not offer great colour reproduction. However, Kodak has managed to move past this obstacle by producing its very own range of highly specialised nano-particulate pigmented ink. This technology is at the core of what makes the Hero All-in-One range of printers so perfect at reproducing photos.

A new dimension

The nano inks used in Kodak All-in-One printers offer significant advantages over their more traditional dye-based counterparts, found in the majority of other consumer inkjet printers. Added to that, it has also developed complimentary advanced paper technology, which works in tandem with the ink system to create a wonderfully harmonious combination.

Combining these factors results in award-winning status for printing durability, while also ensuring that colour and quality is always optimal. Rigorous testing of these inks has been carried out in Kodak's own Image Stability Laboratory alongside independent laboratories. One of these independent laboratories, Wilhelm Imaging Research found that Kodak All-in-One printers and inks achieved best-in-class for overall permanence. These nano-pigment inks are therefore proven to be better than their dye-based counterparts

The winning formula

The lab quality photo prints from any one of the Kodak Hero range of All-in-One’s promise better colour saturation, improved sharpness and, ultimately, a high-end full colour image that will last for many years while still retaining it’s vibrancy. These best-in-class prints will be good for over 120 years, which is an unrivalled time period.

The unique ink that’s used in All-in-One printers is the result of an innovative milling process devised by Kodak to produce smaller particles, hence the name nano-pigment. These smaller particles mean that there’s a much better placement of ink using 3,840 individual printer nozzles. Ultimately, this produces a colour print that boasts improved colour distribution, greater clarity, and an exceptionally smooth appearance on the photo paper.

The Kodak advantageKodak ink cartridges contain five individual inks that enable you to print any kind of document or photo with ease, no matter what kind of paper you’re using. These pigmented inks also dry instantly, which means that the prints will be colourfast as soon as your Hero All-in-One outputs them.

For additional convenience and hassle-free printing, the pigmented ink particles that are produced using the Kodak nano technology approach sit directly on top of the paper. This means you can use photo quality stock for digital images and regular paper for more traditional document printing. Pigmented inks also ensure that prints are much more fade-resistant, while the technology means that they’re more resistant to water than dye-based inks. So you’ll get a much more durable printout that will be impervious to splashes or drops of water.

Compared to previous industry standard procedures, which relied heavily on the dye-based inks, the benefits of nano-pigmentation has been proven to consistently provide better results. Take a look at a Kodak All-in-One colour photo print alongside one of the older style dye-based versions produced by rival manufacturers and you’ll be able to spot the difference in an instant.

Top quality, best value

While Kodak inks and the Hero All-in-One printer range offers unparalleled levels of photographic excellence, they are also hugely affordable. In fact, replenishing ink cartridges on one of the Hero range proves to be the cheapest found in the printer marketplace. Add to that the efficient way in which a Kodak All-in-One outputs its print jobs and you have a perfect combination of quality meets value for money.

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