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 The new range of HERO printers from Kodak offer a raft of sophisticated but easy to use features, plus they’re simplicity itself to set-up. In fact, there are pioneering technological features on this innovate new range that leave all-in-one rivals far behind. 

Kodak printers are competitively priced, but more importantly they’re cheap to run with ink refills costing less than half that of other manufacturers. When it’s time to replenish those inks, they can all be replaced for under £20, making that the lowest ink replacement cost in the industry.

What’s new?

Kodak all-in-one printers have already gained themselves an excellent reputation for offering consistent printing results no matter what kind of outputting job is needed. Now though, the new HERO range delivers even more of a power packed printing experience.

HERO all-in-one printers are smart – so much so that it’s possible to print on the go if you have a smartphone, laptop computer or tablet device. The process works by enlisting the help of the new Cloud services offered by Google, which allows anyone with a Kodak printer to print directly from online services such as Gmail and Google Docs.

The new Kodak HERO range of all-in-one printers are affordable to buy and cheap to run as well as offering excellent results 

More power

Thanks to the clever technology integrated into the HERO range of all-in-one’s, owners can also send emails and attachments to their Kodak printer from anywhere. All you need is a valid email account and the ability to connect to the Kodak Email Print Service.

Adding extra value and convenience is the fact that you can also share your printer’s unique email address with family and friends. Business colleagues and clients can also tap into this rich printing resource, meaning that you’ll be able to receive printed photos, files and other digital documents from them, no matter what their location in the world.

Owners of previous generation Kodak all-in-ones shouldn’t feel left out though, because Kodak will enable Google Cloud Print and Kodak Email Print for older model all-in-one devices. This effectively means Kodak is the first ever printer manufacturer to offer Cloud-based printing services to existing customers.

Automatic two-sided printing and a separate automatic 40-sheet photo tray means the Kodak HERO all-in-one range is extremely easy to use

Using apps

While the HERO range of all-in-one printers offers unrivalled print quality, running costs and an innovative specification, the new models boost their appeal to anyone with a mobile device thanks to the Kodak PicFlick app. This clever piece of software allows consumers to wirelessly send photos to print, directly from an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

In addition, the app works with BlackBerry and Android-powered devices and is also capable of working with older printer models in the Kodak range too. However, it’s the new range of Kodak HERO all-in-one printers that really allow you to cover all bases when it comes to printing tasks.

Simple but effective

There’s an incredibly simple set-up process for configuring the wireless connectivity, along with a wealth of features including the ability to scan, copy and fax.

The other great thing is that there is a HERO printer to suit any kind of user, from the photo printing home consumer through to office professionals who need to get their work documents printed out in a suitably stylish fashion.

Use your HERO printer to enjoy the convenience of accessing the Cloud in order to print photos and documents from any location and any device

Innovative features

Alongside having practical day to day printing tools on-board, such as integrated Wi-Fi support, automatic two-sided printing and separate photo paper trays, the Kodak HERO range of all-in-one printers offer unbeatable usability. Indeed, for consumers who regularly want to print their full colour digital images on Kodak photographic paper then the job couldn’t be easier.

Thanks to Smart Paper sensing technology, Kodak HERO printers have the ability to automatically adjust settings in order to work at optimum performance levels, depending on the paper type and size that has been loaded. This amazing sensor technology will optimise the settings and ensure that your printer delivers the best quality print, time after time.

Built-in printer intelligence means that printing is easy too.  For example, the HERO 9.1 all-in-one has a sleek and intuitive 4.3-inch colour LCD touchscreen, which allows owners to create, copy, scan, print and fax with a few simple screen taps. On-board Smart Sensor technology will predict the supplies, such as paper and ink, needed to complete any given job as well as also delivering an overview of the time required. Sizes, amounts and the type of job, meanwhile, will be automatically detected, so you don’t have to set any specific print modes either.

And if all of that wasn’t enough, then perhaps you’ll want to explore the world of 3D photo printing? Believe it or not, Kodak HERO printers have also had this amazing technology incorporated into them as well. It’s wonderfully straightforward, because all you need to do is utilise the power of the Kodak all-in-one printer Home Center software installed and your digital camera. Simply take two pictures of your motive – first one and within 20 seconds move the camera to the right, and take a second image. 

Save the pictures and follow the on-screen instructions in the Home Center software and then create your 3D masterpiece. Kodak can even supply you with the special 3D glasses needed to view these incredible images. So, not only can a Kodak HERO printer revolutionise the way you print, it can make the process a whole lot more fun too.

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