Add sparkle to standard commercial prints with a new tech that adds a 'spot glitter' finish

Russian printer manufacturer Bigprinter has developed a new technique that layers sparkling sequins just like a spot varnish or other custom finish.

Print promotions have just become more brilliant thanks to new technology called Bigshine. It's been developed by Bigprinter, a printing company based in Moscow that develops high-end digital UV printers for print shops around the world. It's not commercially available yet, but we've reached out the Bigprinter to find out more information, and we'll update this story with what we find.

Bigprinter says that its new Bigshine technology is the perfect tool for perfumery and cosmetic stores, jewellery brands or luxury clothing and footwear companies looking to create sparkly attention-grabbing promotional prints from postcards up to 3x2m.

From Bigprinter's demo video (below), the Bigshine effect has a more glittery look than traditional metallic foils. It's not the first company to offer printed tech for sequins – but it's quite different from the likes of Shimmerdisc, which uses a more complicated process that applies printed sequins to a printed background for a large-scale 3D effect. Bigshine is aimed at adding sparkle to more conventional print jobs.

Sizes and materials

Bigprinter's range includes four printers, plus the Bigzee cutters. All of the printers have a 3x2m print bed, but offer differing speeds and levels of detail (ie droplet sizes).

The printers can print on materials such as glass, wood, plastic and leather, paper, composite panel, murals and flexible stone.

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