How Dvein created this mesmerising 'plant growth' film for Shiseido

There’s something incredibly beautiful about watching buds turn into flowers, and in this film the transformation happens right before your eyes in an overwhelmingly sensory experience of natural beauty.

The team at Barcelona-based collective, Dvein, worked alongside expert botanists to create this vivid plant growth footage for the launch of Japanese personal care company Shiseido and its new WASO skincare range.

In preparation for the detailed film, the design duo created a physical and living garden installation, and spent months to research and film the final sculpture – a result of in-camera robots and botany and CG experts. Watch how Dvein made the film in the 'Making Of' video below.

The garden is designed to act as a metaphor for Shiseido's new WASO products; WASO deriving from the Japanese 'Washoku' culinary philosophy which aims to "harness the power of natural botanical ingredients".

The Washoku philosophy is based on the Japanese spirit of treating nature with respect, and is integrated into the Japanese way of life. It covers a historical manner of selecting, cooking, serving and enjoying a range of traditional Japanese dishes. The film comes with the launch of Shiseido’s new line of skincare products designed for millennials who crave authenticity and diversity.

Dvein are CG experts who formed in Barcelona under creative directors Teo Guillem and Carlos Pardo. Dvein create visual language across cinema, broadcast, music videos, art and installation.

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