Watch VFX breakdowns for The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow

Image: Supergirl

Week in, week out, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow wow us with Blockbuster-standard visual effects. Watch how superheroes get super in these VFX breakdowns from Encore VFX, all overseen by VFX Supervisor Armen Kevorkian.

Video: The Flash VFX breakdown

Exhilarating, witty TV show The Flash – which centres around scientist-and-superhero Barry Allen – gave themselves a super challenge: bringing a giant, talking gorilla to TV screens. 

Its seasons 2 breakdown shows how this was created by incredible VFX – along with the buildings it crashed through, its terrifyingly human facial expressions e and, most hypnotically, each of its mind-blowingly realistic hairs, plus more subtle effects. No surprise that The Flash has nominated for an Emmy for its VFX work

Video: Supergirl VFX breakdown

Supergirl’s subversive female star chasing a plane is a heart-racing scene somehow improved when you see quite how much of it is VFX: a plane on fire, hurtling through a cityscape before landing in a river, flickering with nighttime city lights, is a monstrous digital job done phenomenally well. Though less dramatic, we also get to see the creation Supergirl’s fluttering cape (fun for super nerds).

Video: Legends of Tomorrow VFX breakdown

DC’s jam-packed, action-packed Legends of Tomorrow surprises once again with just how much of it is digitally created - and how seamlessly the team fit their work into shots on a massive scale, while retaining immense detail.

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