VFX Oscars 2019: Watch breakdowns of the nominees including Avengers Infinity War and First Man

See how the visual effects of the films up for this year's VFX Oscar were created, featuring the work of ILM, Framestore and more.

2019's final set of nominees may be lacking the clear standout winner of previous years – there's nothing truly groundbreaking like Blade Runner 2049, The Jungle Book or Ex Machina here – but there's a lot to admire, and learn from, here. The nominees range from the gargantuan scale of the latest Avengers epic to the ultra-realistic-feeling space – and personal – odyssey First Man, alongside the smaller-scale adorable toys of Christopher Robin.

ILM is the most nominated major studio, being the lead VFX house on two of the films (Ready Player One and Solo) and contributing to Avengers: Infinity War too.

Here we've collected all of the VFX breakdowns that the houses behind them have produced, as we did for the VFX Oscar 2018.

The winner will be announced on Monday 25 February 2019.

Avengers: Infinity War

VFX by: Cantina Creative, Digital Domain, Double Negative, Framestore, ILM, Method Studios, RISE, Weta Digital. Additional VFX by: Animatrik, Base FX, Capital T, Exceptional Minds, Lola FX, PixStone Images, Virtuos. Visualisation by: The Third Floor.

Many major visual effects houses contributed to this film, so there are a lot of breakdowns available.

You can also watch this case study about Avengers: Infinity War from VFX educator Allan McKay.

Christopher Robin

VFX by: Framestore, Lola FX, Method Studios. Visualisation by: The Third Floor.

There are no breakdown reels online for Marc Forster's live action Pooh film, but you can see some VFX work here

First Man

VFX by: Double Negative, Exceptional Minds, Factory VFX, Space Monkey.

Double Negative was the lead VFX house on Damien Chazelle's Neil Armstrong biopic.

Ready Player One

VFX by: ILM, Digital Domain. Additional VFX by: Animatrik, Virtuos. Graphics by: Territory Studio. Visualisation by: Digital Domain, Framestore, The Third Floor.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

VFX by: ILM. Additional VFX by: Animatrik, Exceptional Minds, Hybride, Jellyfish Pictures, Lola FX, Tippett Studio, Virtuos. Visualisation by: The Third Floor.

For its work on the latest Star Wars offshoot, ILM has created detailed breakdowns for specific sequences such as the Kessel Run and the opening Corellia Chase, as well as for characters such as L3-37.

Welcome to Marwen

Robert Zemeckis's film about artist Mark Hogancamp didn't make the shortlist, but was on the VFX Oscar longlist and this behind-the-scenes reel by Method Studios is well worth a watch.


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