This Wonderful, Crazy Animation is Absolutely Bananas

Motion designer Elias Freiberger and visual designer Xander Marritt’s animation starts off normally enough - with a banana exhibiting, you know, normal banana behaviour. Nothing to see here. 

Just three second later and there's everything - in fact, too much - to see here: all expectations of normality are peeled away in this endlessly surprising, oddly catchy and bizarrely addictive exploration into bananas, life and the sublime. 

“Bananas don’t grow everywhere, but you can get them anywhere,” wrote Elias on his Behance, as an explanation that confirmed a heavy metaphor had somehow, definitely floated over my head.

“A true icon of the fruit family, courtesy of the innovators at banana co. A natural wonder. A truth fantastic. Life creates and we react. Bananas is about the conscious and subconscious. Reality and surreality. A reflection of life, a personification of the immediacy in the way we conduct ourselves. This shit is Bananas.” 

I don’t know what most of that means, but wholeheartedly agree with the last sentence. 

Bananas even has its own Twitter feed, adding yet another dense layer to the mystery that is proving impossible to solve. Some of its recent tweets – at the time of writing – include the enigmatic “I am not one and simple, but complex and many” and the disturbing “We must allow ourselves to think, we must dare to think, even though we fail. It is in the nature of bananas that we always fail.”

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