With bright warm colours, simple shapes and enthralling composition, design studio Art&Graft have beautifully animated lottery tickets fluttering over Great Britain’s classic rolling hills, urging our 1,300+ GB athletes on an improving their equipment and kit. Large-scale littering all over Great Britain’s most beautiful wonders has never looked so inspiring and epic. 

Road to Rio is a wonderfully uplifting take on what is otherwise a boring, corporation-laden concept: The National Lottery and ITV are supporting Team GB on the Road to Rio – which, as you might suspect, isn’t a literal one, but all about coaching, facilities and medical support. So, we help with the couple of quid we spend here and there. 

I thought I might tear up watching it, with a eye-twitch skimming over the water of Loch Lomond, a furrowed brow twisting past the Angel of the North and a lip quiver soaring over Giants Causeway. Then, the White Cliffs of Dover came into view and I was doomed.

“We wanted to create the epic, cinematic scenes synonymous with an Olympics launch, yet also introduce a warmth and charm that is sometimes missing when representing our heroic athletic superstars,” said creative director Mike Moloney

Art&Graft’s animation, which starts in the morning sunlight and closes under a dramatic sunset, is inspired by Norman Wilkinson’s paintings, which represent British landscapes and four seasons in one day.

Video: I am Team GB by Art&Graft

‘I am Team GB’ encourages togetherness with a more personal, intimate touch of the everday. To keep characters central, Art&Graft devised a rotating camera that looped around the various, heart-warming scenes.