Mill+'s animation for a charity bike ride reflects the struggle of cancer sufferers

The Fireflies Tour: A Journey to Hope by Mill+ is a beautiful, atmospheric and moving animation created to support sixteenth annual ride of the The Fireflies, a cycling fundraising group whose motto is ‘For those who suffer we ride’.

The Fireflies cycle from the shores of Lake Geneva, over the French Alps, finishing at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival 1,000km, 18 mountains and 7 days later– all for the UK blood cancer charity Bloodwise. It is a hard-going route, but a striking one, and perfect design fodder.

Whether racing along forest roads or pedalling hard up mountain ridges, Mill+ - a team of directors and designers from The Mill who are focused on creative partnerships and content – takes you on a gorgeous trek, where bicycles splash through flickering rain or under brilliant sun, dwarfed by mountains or silhouetted against the stretch of fields. 

Mill+’s animation is, of course, beautiful – with considered, eye-catching colour, shape and movement - but the real wonder is that they somehow captured the scale of an amazing journey that would otherwise be unimaginable, using a combination of 3D and cel animation. 

“The film’s 2D style works well as an animated journey as you are drawn into the ebb and flow of the ride without connecting with an individual or a personality,” said Stephen Venning, Mill+ Executive Director. “The FireFlies Tour is all about the team, the collective peloton, sticking together through the tough parts of a climb or the wind and rain of Richmond Park! 

“Animation is the perfect format to tell this story as it leaves you in no doubt of the ethos of the ride, now in it’s 16th year riding to Cannes The FireFlies Tour has raised over £1.8 million for the charity which is staggering and makes it one of the best fundraising activities in the world of advertising.”

To make a donation, check out the FireFlies' JustGiving page.

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