This illustrator’s Christmas video may be late and disturbing – but it got our attention

Dont worry, it’s not December 2016 already and nor have we gone back in time. But Joren Cull’s Christmas video is undeniably mesmerising, however much we try to resist its unsettling charms.  

Featuring a vulture perched on a hospital bed and an ill child flogging Joren's website, this video is less about the generous Christmas spirit, and more in touch with the season's commercial rallying cry of profit, profit, profit – and unashamedly so.

It comes as no surprise, then, that Joren pinged his video over to us today. You know, rather than at Christmas, over a fortnight ago.

What an odd way to spread the joy. But one that works: Joren received the gift he wanted from Digital Arts – a click on his website and a tune that won’t leave our heads. 

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