This clever animation perfectly sums up the hecticness of modern life

Slack – the massively popular messaging service for offices and teams, which I can attest is super fun – doesn’t really need advertising. We’re all fans already. But this clever ad (shown above) from animation studio Giant Ant somehow makes us love it even more. 

We love Slack because – in a world with a thousand communication options, notifications buzzing at any and every hour, and non-stop, clashing noise - it’s simple (and has GIFs). In their latest Slack ad, Giant Ant has brilliantly played on that simplicity (maybe they’ll take on GIFs in the next one). 

In a bright, pastel-coloured fast-paced advert, Giant Ant reminds us of our busy lives (thanks a lot, Giant Ant): alarms, emails, text, reminders constantly popping up and getting in our way as we run along the street, probably late and trying to dodge other busy people. It is a wonderfully clever, horribly familiar depiction of our chaotic lives. 

And then comes Slack: the cartoon landscape becomes cleaner, fresher, lighter. Notifications don’t pop up in your face. I feel more relaxed watching it; Giant Ant does its job not only stylishly, but incredibly persuasively.

Find out more about the project.

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