This Ambassadors promo for Van Moof is a bike campaign like no other

Still from Ride the Future video campaign from Ambassadors

This nifty new bike campaign takes tips from the Netflix playbook.

We at Digital Arts are fans of Dutch creative studio Ambassadors, and their latest campaign for Amsterdam bike makers VanMoof sees the outfit move away from their more 'cutesy' commissions to create a slicker kind of promo, embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

Titled Ride the Future, the campaign places VanMoof's latest models among an exhilarating combination of visual metaphors, stylish compositions and futuristic sound design.

We like the timer used to represent the turbo speed of the bike, and the huge weight being pulled that symbolises the bike's power is another nice touch.

Ride the Future represents one of the first times Ambassadors has worked directly with a brand in creating a completely new style and visual language for a global campaign. The studio approached the brief like a short film as opposed to a classic product film, designing a completely new visual style for an animation fit for screens around the world.

There's also something of the Netflix touch to how key selling points are introduced via the sort of zoom effects used in the platform's TV drama intros, hitting home more for potential buyers viewing the video.

The Ambassadors portfolio includes production shots of the CGI rendering of the new model, along with the virtual stage where the bike holds court in the promo.

With Ambassadors in charge of the production, design and music, Ride the Future is a great example of the end results when a studio has complete creative control of a project. Riding into the future, indeed.

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