This abstract video touches on division in our technologic world

If you thought the end of 2016 also meant the end to reminders of Brexit and Donald Trump, then you might be mistaken.

Already this year we’ve seen a children’s book released on Trump’s election, and now creative studio Territory has released a timely video with a message that our world is becoming more connected; yet simultaneously more divided. 

The social commentary video was a commissioned project by ODD NY to creatively explore the notion of ‘division’. Although Territory says it wasn’t intended to be a political message, the video was nevertheless released on the day of president Donald Trump’s inauguration and mere days after Theresa May’s Brexit speech.

The abstract black-and-white animation sets up a rather bleak narrative of our conflicting modern world, where information is at our fingertips but yet with no context, and where information online can quickly become fact.


It also mentions how we fall victim to political bias, mass surveillance and cyber attacks, how in the past society dealt with pressures by uniting under one flag and ideology.

Territory lead creative Nik Hill says the theme of division was explored as individuals and as a group, and this was strung out to a wider theme of division and unity.

“Going a littler deeper, 2016 felt like a divisive year. In many respects it was this sense of division all around us that inspired the visual concept, but we wanted to explore it in an abstract way and ultimately create something positive,” he says. 

Although the team develop written scripts for clients all the time, it was new and challenged experience to develop one in-house.

Once happy with the script, the team brainstormed visual concepts but felt black and white was most powerful choice for the video.


“The final edit really proved the power of voice and visual together – we felt that the voice brings out the human element within the visual narrative, enabling the piece to connect emotionally,” says creative director Andrew Popplestone.

These will no doubt be underlying fears of this year, and Territory has a made a thought-provoking and endearing creative go at addressing them.

In further projects, Territory is also involved in visualising technology for the cinematic release of Ghost in the Shell, in theatres on 31 March, and Blade Runner 2049, the sequel to Ridley Scott’s iconic Blade Runner, expected to be released in October. 

In past projects, the studio also designed 400 realistic NASA screens for Ridley Scott’s The Martian, and a 360-degree CG and Kinect-captured immersive video for Puzzle’s first single Godlike.

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