These clever designs help visualise a complex intelligence tool

London design studio Up Creatives has designed a beautiful digital-infused title sequence and promotional art for documentary A Good American. Here's a sneak preview of the CG development.

The film is based on a US codebreaker and his confrontation with the National Security Agency (NSA) over mass surveillance, released in UK cinemas today. 

It follows the life of former NSA analyst William Binney, his 1990s skunkworks team and their programme ThinThread – an automated intelligence tool that used a targeted and smart filtering approach to masses of data with encryptions that favoured the privacy of US citizens.

This was, however, disregarded for a concept called the Trailblazer Project, which lacked the privacy protections.

Promotional art by Up Creatives 

William Benny blew the whistle on fraud, waste and abuse of rights before Edward Snowdon, after serving the US for 32 years. He still speaks out against the NSA’s data collection during Obama’s presidency.

William worked as a highly-regarded mathematician for the NSA before he turned, calling for civil liberties and accusing the NSA of dragging in masses of personal information but missing clues to terrorist attacks. He says it still goes on behind the closed doors of the NSA, GCHQ, French security and others. Watch the trailer below.

Up Creatives produced the film’s impressive 4K CGI and Motion GFX credits and poster and card series artwork, as well as data visuals detailing the ThinThread programme.

The finalised motion graphic title sequence includes slow moving particles connecting through electrical lines whilst floating in black space. Lines of coding and different internet communications mediums are also featured. The title sequence was performed at 4K usind CRD, Houdini and After Effects.

The design phase for the B.A.G Globe of Networks

The team had access to William Binney and were involved in his interviews for screen to ensure design was accurate to his ThinThread programme’s processes.

Up Creatives says it was a unique design challenge to visually and emotively represent his intelligence tool for the first time to inform the public along with politicians, and connect this to storytelling. 

Data visuals by Up Creatives

A Good American will be screening at Picturehouse Central and the Institute of Contemporary Arts.

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