Stranger Things VFX breakdowns from Season 3 and beyond

Find out how all those gross zombies were made in the latest season of the paranormal drama.

Stranger Things season three: a product placement nightmare or vast improvement on the Netflix drama's second season? The jury's still out on that one, but the special effects on the show were as top-notch as ever, especially when depicting various Hawkins residents moulting to the ground at the behest of the Mind-Flayer.

With the show now safely out there and spoiler-zones slowly being dismantled, the various VFX studios who worked on the third series are now revealing their breakdown reels for the show. Check them out below alongside reels from earlier seasons of Stranger Things. And yes ya bald bastards, here be minor spoilers.


Germany's RISE VFX were the house most involved in creating the Mind-Flayer's moulting zombie body-snatchers; check out the breakdown to see how those were made. You can also get a look behind the scenes of the car-flipping scene when Eleven steps into – once again – to save the day, deux ex machina style.


There's less zombies and more Russian base action in this breakdown courtesy of Canada's CVD. Not so exciting, but there's a glimpse of that heart-pounding falling elevator scene, and it ends with Hopper blowing a load of Russians away. Damn, why did they make that character into such an action buffoon this season?

Stranger Things Season 1 and 2 VFX Breakdowns


This breakdown reel from season one will give fans nostalgia for when the show used to be allow for cause and effect, or decent character introspection/development.

CoSa's reel is the grossest of the lot, with plenty of focus on poor Barb's ultimate fate. You have been warned.

Eight VFX

Stranger Things season two gets a lot of bad press for being a mere rehash of season one, but at least it didn't have anything as bad as letting Lucas go to waste and advertise New Coke, or having a godawful musical finale.

Eight's reel meanwhile shows you how they made those rotting, bug infested pumpkins at the start of the season.

Let's hope Secret London's forthcoming Stranger Things experience is an improvement on what the Americans are making.

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