See how Trunk's animated ad helped Ade Edmondson plug The Car Buying Service

After the success of its previous TV Spot for The Car Buying Service, Leeds based agency Propaganda approached Trunk Animation to create a further commercial. Pete Mellor teamed up again with Peepshow’s illustrator Spencer Wilson to create the new TV spot.

“Once we had the final script from the agency we went away and storyboarded how all the scenes could work together,” explained Mellor. “Once those ideas were worked out, Spencer was able to create the illustrations and designs.”

The 30-second short is full of humour and colour and presents a strong graphic style that is mirrored throughout the Car Buying Service brand. The new short sets out and promotes the differences between the Car Buying Service and other larger companies in this competitive field.

Ade Edmondson looked after the voiceover and delivered a pitch perfect performance, allowing Pete to perfectly pace the visuals.

“I think our favourite bit of the ad is probably the cat and the fish,” reveals Mellor. “Simply because they were the best bits to animate and the transition is a nice surprise.”

“Spencer works in Illustrator so his files are imported into After Effects as vector files,” Mellor continues. “If there is anything that I need to create and animate in After Effects I use the shape layers as they are a very faithful version of how Spencer works. The general technique for these animations relies on a 'pull-back and release' approach which allows for some clever transitions.”

Composer Ivan Arnold created the score, whilst J.M Finch at Fonic looked after sound design and mix. As Mellor explains: “We always send through the animatic [the cut together storyboard frames with the voice over] and probably a work in progress or two so that the sound design can de done in parallel with the animation. On a job of this nature ultimately the animation comes first and the sound design is tailored to fit.”

Producer Pedro Lino at Trunk noted “It was great to work with the original team at Propaganda and Trunk again, said Trunk producer Pedro Lino. “It ensured we were able to turn the commercial around pretty quickly without any sleepless nights. If only all clients were as easy.”

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