Not To Scale's elegantly animated infographics, created working directly for the client

Financial and currency solutions brand Fair FX circumnavigated the traditional agency model to work directly with Not To Scale and director Maxime Bruneel to concept and create three engaging films.

Bruneel designed a stylish graphic look to help tell the story of the Fair FX Brand and its currency,dealing and transfers services.

In preparation for the creative workflow, studio founder Daniel O’Rourke and Bruneel drew inspiration from British artist David Hockney.

"We had discussions over some early Hockney work which had a lovely feel to them, such as his swimming pools with their use of lines," said O'Rourke. "Maxime then went off and designed and developed his own style and technique for the films."

Created in Flash and After Effects, the films have a calm and seamless sense of flow with objects transforming imaginatively from one element to another, for example a coin turning into a globe, currency cards into a lilo or a wedding cake turning into a holiday home.

Transitions were designed to be organic and fluid, helping to provide some visual acrobatics while moving the viewer and linking the narration neatly from one message to another.

The resulting three films are stylish, sophisticated and engaging, while still clearly placing emphasis on each film’s key message.

O’Rourke said Not To Scale had really enjoyed working directly with the Fair FX marketing team to develop both the creative and production on the films. “This working practice allows us to write and design with a specific budget in mind,” he added. “ The absence of a middle man for some clients leads to better financial and creative efficiencies with more of the film-maker's ideas and the client’s budget ending up on the screen.

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