The most fun stories of 2016: Offbeat animations, irreverant illustrations & goofy GIFs

We get to appreciate a lot of eccentric, off-the-wall projects here at Digital Arts.

Art should challenge normal conventions, and we’ve definitely found some personal creative projects whose narrative still keep us guessing. 

Some are delightfully obscure, such as Eran Hilleli’s animation purely on bananas, outrageously ambitious, like Alex Bartsch’s rephotographing of 42 reggae covers, and simply wild, such as Seed Animations’ boob compilation for Breast Cancer Awareness - but we love it all. 

Take an unpredictable (if not thrilling) journey through some of the most unconventional art projects of 2016.

Alex Bartsch: Reggae LP covers


Photographer and record-collector Alex Bartsch has spent the past two years researching the London locations of 42 reggae covers between 1967 and 1987, and rephotographing them in their original locations. 

He hopes to publish a book of his series of photographs, Covers: Retracing Reggae Record Sleeves in London, with the help of a Kickstarter campaign. 

Check out the photographs here.

Hornet: Style Frames NYC Opener


We loved Hornet director Eran Hilleli’s opening film for Style Frames conference in New York City. 

Follow an eclectic ensemble of unconventional characters who arise from various resting places across sweeping landscapes, to join together and embark on an epic journey. 

Watch the animation here

Elias Freiberger: This animation is absolutely bananas


Motion designer Elias Freiberger and visual designer Xander Marritt’s animation starts off normally enough - with a banana exhibiting, you know, normal banana behaviour. Nothing to see here. 

Just three second later and there's everything - in fact, too much - to see here: all expectations of normality are peeled away in this endlessly surprising, oddly catchy and bizarrely addictive exploration into bananas, life and the sublime. 

Watch the animation here.

Lauren Carney: dizzylittledotty


Australian artist Lauren Carney – aka Instagram’s dizzylittledotty aka cartoon girl turned real life – clearly doesn’t take herself too seriously. Or life. In fact, she draws ridiculous, fun and cute things all over both of them. 

Check out her work, which has amused more than 20,000 followers.

Julian Glander: GIF-y god


Even if you don't know it, you’ve probably seen the work of GIF-y god Julian Glander – whether you spotted it looped on Twitter, glimpsed his “super cool summer GIFs for Starbucks” or have been cheered up by “happy stuff”.

Just like the work he creates, Julian is indisputably, irresistibly goofy. A self-described “former baby, future ghost”, it’s no surprise that his website is fittingly offbeat - against an ever-changing neon, rainbow background are categories that start with animation and illustration but quickly descend (or ascend, if you share my point of view) into pukingburger and blobs

See Julian Glander’s work here

10 phrases that generate hilarious iStock images


Got ten minutes to spare and want to see a naked woman with a baby octopus in her mouth? Thankfully, we’ve delved into the dark, strange depths of iStock so you don’t have to. 

Check out these 10 weird phrases that generate hilarious iStock images (the one above is “fat dolphin”).

Laundry: The Simpson’s marathon teaser for FXX


Totally wild visuals by production company Laundry meshed the Simpsons family and the rest of Springfield into a screaming, grumbling, chuckling, doughnut-laden mess, stirring in audiences the kind of psychedelic, bewildering but wonderful feelings you might experience after, indeed, watching every Simpsons episode ever. In one sitting.

See Laundry’s animation here

Vincent Mahe: Illustrations for Mr Porter’s How to Appear Wise cheat sheet 

Vincent Mahé charming illustrations show misguided attempts to seem savvy in five intimidating scenarios, to accompany Dan Davies’ tongue-in-cheek article for Mr Porter on ‘How to Appear Wise’.

Vincent’s fun, stylish work lets us have a giggle at ourselves. At least you probably haven’t mistaken a fire extinguisher for modern art yet. 

See Vincent’s illustrations here

Seed Animation Studio: Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so Seed Animation Studio commissioned 26 of its animators to product a (very) short film each based on slang for breasts.

Each animator has around a second to find a fun visual link between the slang and breasts. The shorts range in style from hand-drawn to vector to CG.

You can watch them all - from 'Brad Pitts' to 'Boobies' - here.

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