Hornet’s wonderful, poetic conference title film celebrates creatives coming together

Hornet director Eran Hilleli’s opening film for Style Frames conference in New York City follows an eclectic ensemble of unconventional characters who arise from various resting places across sweeping landscapes, to join together and embark on an epic journey.

Eran was commissioned to create the film with total creative freedom. His characters, each assembled together with defined geometric shapes, are summoned by a hollowing trumpet call from various beautiful natural environments.

They scramble down tree trunks and pop out of underground burrows to accumulate together in a powerful mob.

The dramatically slow-moving vector-based animation generates a sense of strength from belonging to a diverse creative community, creating a grand opening to the conference.

Characters are rich in colour and possess intriguing imaginative appearances, including a green beard, pink spiky hair and a bright yellow beak.

“Aesthetically I was into brewing a mix of influences,” says Eran. “From Japanese animation films such as Satoshi Kon’s Paprika, Masaaki Yuasa’s Happy Machine and of course anything by Studio Chibli mixed with recent stuff like Adventure Time and Steven Universe. All executed in my minimal 3D style.” 

The film was created using Cinema 4D, with additional work in Maya and After Affects.

Style Frames is a two-day conference of “visual inspiration” held on November 7 and 8, with leading speakers in the design, animation, VFX, interactive and VR industries.

Speakers included Maryanne Butler from Framestore, Hornet’s own Dan Abdo and Jason Patterson and Andrei Juradowitch from MPC Creative.

Eran’s cinematic flair came to recognition with his sobering short film Between Bears in his final year at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Israel. It won Best Animation at the inaugural Vimeo Awards in New York. Eran’s projects leave room for interpretation, often influenced by simple shapes and fantastical worlds.

Eran is now a director at Hornet, the Brooklyn production studio behind John Lewis’s The Bear and The Hare Christmas ad, with a client base including Facebook, McDonald’s, Samsung and Amazon.

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