A creative explores his identity in this amazing, quirky video

In this very personal, touching project, Spanish art director and filmmaker Miquel Reina, or ‘Mr.’, looks at himself through a collage of creative techniques from motion graphics to baking.

Miquel transforms what could be a simple list of likes– such as directing, telling stories and painting –into a relatable tapestry with Miquel’s arty flair stamped all over it.

Its level of design is either inspiration or too far beyond most people's capabilities, but is content is down-to-earth enough to charm anyone. Maybe not everyone shares Miquel's soft spot for Star Wars, and a few won't enjoy baking either, but surely everyone on earth can put themselves in the cat or dog camp (or, like Miquel, both). 

Miquel says that if he tries to define himself, he’ll fail and that he’s “more of a collage of qualities, defects, hobbies and professions” – much like the rest of us, but we don’t have a beautifully designed project to show for it. 

Regardless, we think he’s done a pretty good, beautiful-looking job of sticking his name in our heads.

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