The Best Game of Thrones creative projects inspired by the hit show

The show may be over but these creative projects Game of Thrones inspired over the years will forever live on in our dragon-hearts.

Winter has come for Game of Thrones fans, with the big ending last night of the hit HBO show (boo hoo).

Being a cultural juggernaut, the fantasy drama inspired great creative projects over the years as covered by Digital Arts. Thanks for all the page views, Game of Thrones, thank you.

To celebrate the end of an era, we've collected our favourite of these projects and show-inspired features below, ranging from goofy GIFs to hilarious stock photo spoofs.

Oh, and no spoilers below, so don't worry yourself dear Gamer.

Eran Mendel's GIFs of Thrones

Throughout Game of Thrones' last two seasons, Tel Aviv-based illustrator and animator Eran Mendel created one looping GIF a week – focussing on an iconic moment from each in a way that's bound to raise a smile

Read more here.

Ricardo Bessa's Blu-Ray illustrations

Fantastic illustrator Ricardo Bessa got to illustrate animated extras for Blu-Ray releases of seasons five and six of the show in his inimitable comic book style.

"It was a lot of work, but as a fan of the books and show, it was an amazing experience," Ricard told us in a recent email. "The first one, about the history and downfall of House Targaryen, will always hold a special place in my heart. I was brought in by Adam Vadnais, a producer who had seen some Arya fanart I'd done and who was an absolute pleasure to work with." 

Read more about Ricardo's beastly and regal work here.

Dragon Queen Emilia Clarke spoofing all your favourite stock photo clichés

When we featured Game of Thrones on the site, it was usually because of the show's award winning VFX work or loving fan tributes. Put this one firmly in the latter camp, a video where the Dragon Queen herself spoofs all those cheesy stock photos that aren't of the 'Jealous Girlfriend' variety.

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Lena Vargas illustrates the original, terrible Game of Thrones pilot

Did you know Game of Thrones had an alternate pilot version too bad to be broadcast?

Up-and-coming super talent Lena Vargas illustrated a Huff-Po article about the episode, including her rendition of a more consensual sex scene between Dany and Khal Drogo (above).

Find out more here in our interview with Lena.

Game of Thrones characters as brilliant claymation-style models

3D artist El Grand Chamaco created playful, Play-Do-like CG interpretations of all your favourite GoT characters.

Read more here.

The Game of Thrones opening sequence recreated with amazing paper cutouts

The fantastical, addictive world of Game of Thrones meshed with the crafted, papery goodness of luxury notebook brand Moleskine looks even more beautiful than it sounds. 

Milan-based video and animation studio Dadomani laboured over more than 7,600 intricate paper cutouts to recreate the majesty of King's Landing, with cogs and gears turning to give rise to an incredible 3D paper city in absolutely stunning detail. We wince at the paper cuts they would have suffered in the process, but appreciate the legendary sacrifice worthy of the series itself.

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How iconic scenes were made by VFX's biggest names

Curious to know how Battle of the Bastards was made?

The episode included both the eponymous battle between huge armies led by Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton – which featured VFX by Iloura – and an earlier battle at Meereen with flaming cannonballs and a giant pyramid – which saw work shared between Rodeo FX and Rhythm and Hues. Pre-viz work on both sequences was done by The Third Floor. Read more here.

How about season seven's Beyond the Wall, which saw humans take on dragons, White Walker ice creatures and living dead wights, all in the space of 70 mind blowing minutes? We chatted to The Third Floor about their award-winning work on the ep, made using their mastery of previs techniques. Read more here.

Amazing Folio Society hardback editions with art by Jonathan Burton

Anyone looking to double dip their George R. R. Martin (GRRM) collection will be happy to know esteemed publishers The Folio Society are publishing the entire series of the books in new editions for 2019, starting with the first in the series, A Game of Thrones, on 16th July.

A Game of Thrones will be illustrated by award-winning artist Jonathan Burton and introduced by best-selling fantasy author Joe Abercrombie; it also comes in a two-volume set with a foldout map of the Known World, as bound in a separate volume. All are presented in a gold-blocked slipcase with a secret illustration inside - exciting stuff.

Read more here.

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