Artists are turning Bingo calls into cartoon GIFs

Showcasing work of illustrators, animators and designers is a crucial part of our industry, and what a better way than to merge it with a classic British game – Bingo. 

Bingomation is an online collaborative project showcasing an array of international animators' submission of a five-second GIF, visually connecting a bingo call to their chosen number.

Chris Eggleston, Tom Kilburn and Hayley Akins are behind the idea. Hayley told Digital Arts it sprung from a conversation they had at work about "how funny some bingo calls are", and "wouldn’t it be great if someone animated them as a series?" 

"I'm always looking for ways to get involved with other animators and illustrators in the industry and ways to help promote each other," she says.

Above you can see the work of Alex Davy for number 5.

Two Little Ducks is Hayley's own submission for number 22. At the time of creating the GIF animation, the previous Google senior motion designer didn't have any animals in her portfolio.

She also wanted to develop her skills in Adobe Animate CC, which is where she completed the bulk of the 22-to-duck transition, and put it together in Adobe After Effects. 

The colourful variety of GIFs already showcased on Bingomation reflects realism and surrealism, with themes of coming-of-age and understanding sexuality explored in GIFs for younger numbers, such as 10, 15 and 21. You can see Qais Sarhan's work below.

Themes of ageing, self-awareness and body image can be seen in GIFs for numbers 29, 30, 31, 80 and 86. You can see Becky Gilby's work below.


Bingomation gives illustrators and animators a chance to focus on making personal work.

“There is a subject, a deadline and a colour palette which I think helps people complete it," says Hayley.

“I have also heard some companies have used it to find animators to work with as a kind of database, which is great.”

How to submit work to Bingomation

There's a mix of students, professionals and freelancers' work on show and there's room for more, with around half of the 100 numbers still needing to be claimed.

To avoid duplication, email in and claim a Bingo number, then submit your GIF along with name and website, which will also be displayed under your GIF post.

Hayley is working on her own animated short film expected to be released next year, and will be working on an animated music video for her band Dignan Porch's new album.

She's also hoping to do more work as a director after her two films for The School of Life.

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