Alice Saey's mesmerising animation for Dutch singer Mark Lotterman

Be mesmerised by the flowing, beautiful and quite relaxing animation of Paris-born and Rotterdam-based graphic artist and animator Alice Saey (@alicesaey).

It's for Dutch singer Mark Lotterman’s new music video. Mark's track is dubbed 'Happy', but in fact the lyrics are far from it. Reciting cynical thoughts and a story of a man who was found dead isn’t exactly an easy concept to visualise. Yet Alice, inspired by Egyptian geese she spotted Rotterdam Zoo, has imagined and created a colourful hand-drawn masterpiece that works in time with the music. Here is part of Alice's creative process.

The Egyptian geese dance in synchronised choreography, but are torn between the need for self-expression and the "urge for group behaviour" – I’m sure something we can all relate to, and a tension the lyrics explore in a melancholic manner.
Alice worked on the project between Paris, Rotterdam and the Animation Workshop in Viborg.

'Happy' is part of Mark’s album Holland – a multi-disciplinary platform of artworks made for a selection of songs to be exhibited in TENT Rotterdam. Mark has toured through Holland, England and Italy.

Alice directed He Who Ate the Eye of a Fish and another music video for Shaking Godspeed's She's Young – both of which screened at international festivals and received awards at KILK! Amsterdam, Holland Animation Film Festival or CutOutFest.

She's currently working on a 2D animation produced by SeveFilms and written by Lea Perret. The narrative follows manta rays and its journey to take control of the earth. 

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