The 8 best websites for 3D models

These websites offer a wealth of high-quality low and mid-poly 3D models available for purchase. See here for the best free 3D models.

Whether your needs include professional 3D models for CG projects, film, animation, games, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), or other real-time applications, we've got you covered. 


Hum3D claims to have the largest car, electronic and weapon models in the world, with more than 1500 assets in total, and a choice of 700 vehicle brands to download. 

It offers a variety of file formats, including OBJ, MAX, C4D and 3DS, along with a selection of car blueprints for users to play around with. There's even a Batman mask on offer.

Users wanting to order ready-made images of their purchased models can also find useful clipart images to work with on Photoshop.

Price: varies per model


Sketchfab has been a popular resource for anyone looking to publish or find 3D models online, but recently they've opened an online store for creators looking to monetise their work. After a successful open beta, the store is being dubbed by Sketchfab as the 'Getty Images of 3D content.' 

If that isn't enough, the store has a unique 'Model Inspector', which is a powerful browser-based 3D player that allows every aspect of a 3D model to be reviewed in real-time. This takes the guesswork out of purchasing 3D digital files online for customers while allowing creators to show off their models without extensive presentation material.

Also singling Sketchfab out from the pack is how the Inspector supports VR and AR out of the box and more than 90 sharing integrations, allowing 3D content creators to seamlessly integrate 3D models uploaded by the Sketchfab community into their virtual worlds without any attribution. 

Price: Varies per model. 

CG Trader

A leading digital art library, CGTrader is the largest creative resource for CG graphics, VR, AR, and gaming. CGTrader offers thousands of 3D assets ranging from professional high-quality to low-poly 3D models available for purchase.

If you’re in need of 3D models for virtual reality, augmented reality projects, computer gaming projects, CGTrader provides just under 40,000 low-poly models spanning a variety of categories. Users may filter the models based on format, polycount, animated, rig, or discount. You can even find a selection of free low-poly 3D models.

In addition to low-poly models, CGTrader also provides thousands of professional high-quality 3D models. Categories include aircrafts, architect, exterior, interior, character, cars, industrial, textures, and much more. The selection of ready-to-use models are perfect for CG projects, animation, visualisation, games, and VR.

Price: varies per model.


Developing 3D models remains one of the most time consuming processes in graphic design, gaming and animation. Avoid wasting the time constructing original 3D models by discovering high-quality models offered at TurboSquid.

TurboSquid says its customers save an average of 27 hours per purchase, allowing artists to spend more time designing 3D models tailored to their creative personalities and projects than fundamentally constructing models themselves.

Explore the range of categories and thousands of 3D models used by game developers, advertisers, architects, and creative professionals around the world at TurboSquid.

Price: varies per model.

Adobe Stock

Kickstart your designs with 3D assets from Adobe Stock.

Adobe Stock provides a selection of 3D models, lights and materials with customising effects using Project Felix and Photoshop CC - in addition to millions of images and templates - for Creative Cloud subscribers.

Adjust the lighting and materials of the 3D assets to achieve the perfect perspective tailored to your creative imagination.

Adobe Stock even offers beginner Adobe Stock and Felix tutorials for us non-experts. 

Price: varies per model.


A world-leading archive for high-quality 3D models, Digimation features more than 16,000 3D assets covering a variety of content.

Categories include digitised vehicles, human anatomy, architectural landmarks, 3D geography and more.

The archive contains 16,500 high-quality models in standard OBJ format, which is compatible with a multitude of modeling, animation, and composition programmes.

Digimation also offers an additional 1,200 fully textured, high-resolution models in 3DS format with the purchase of the Model Bank Library for those seeking to create realistic 3D art.

Price: The archive is US$599/around £440 for 16,500 high-quality models in standard OBJ format.

Model Bank Library is US$199/ around £146 ($100 when purchased with the archive).


3docean, a fragment of the Envato Market community, contains approximately 50,000 3D textures and models starting for as little as US$2. 

Envato Market currently maintains almost nine million members and over two million items for sale across the breadth of its marketplace.

Categories for its 3D archive include architecture, animals, vehicles, nature, electronics, fantasy and fiction. The models may then be further filtered by price, popularity, polygons, and file type.

Price: varies per model.

Gelato VFX

Boutique VFX studio in Manchester Gelato Visual Effects has just launched a new service that will benefit anyone in the VFX industry – an online 3D scanning store.

It's new 3D scanning store is the studio's answer to increased pressure to produce photoreal images. 3D scanning has often been used to digitise actors (to protect them from performing dangerous stunts), or to materialise lead characters for video games. But it's area of focus is currently expanding.

The store already offers products such as fabrics, fruits, vegetables and types of bread to use in your own productions, but the range of products is expanding.

Price: Simple surface scans (a 2D image you can use in 3D software such as ZBrush or Mudbox as alphas to paint super high resolution photoreal details onto your model) will cost you only £5.

If you’re looking for a full 3D asset, it will cost between £40 and £50. Simply download them and then drag them into your 3D app of choice.

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