12 hilarious stories, each told in one second

Mantas Baciuska, the designer responsible for the much-loved best-ever sneaker designs video, has won us over again. Good design is so often wonderfully simple – and it doesn’t get much cleaner (or more fun) than storytelling in, literally, just a sec. 

Over the course of twelve animated moments, Mantas broaches crime, sex and even death - all through movement, sound and some truly tantalizing puns. 

Someone please tell Shakespeare he doesn’t need over 4,000 beautifully written, timeless lines to make a tragedy engaging. Come on, we're all busy William. 

Each of Mantas' animations, which are sandwiched between a title card and an end slate, are endearing in their own way and range from the hilarious to even the slightly sad.

The concept itself is brilliant, but we’re equally impressed with Mantas’ gorgeous typography, clever wordplay and his detailed yet flexible animation, which is sculpted to suit a range of moods through clever adjustments to colour and tone.

“The main idea for each animation was to create one-second animations and to prove that one second is enough to tell a story,” said Mantas. “One second is much more than you’d thought.”

Mantas said he was inspired by the Full Secs project by Animade, a monthly competition launched in 2012 where the best one-second animations are featured on the Full Secs Vimeo page and you can find hundreds of videos like Mantas’.

We’ve decided there's no need to feel guilty procrastinating to animations that are only a second long…Even if you do watch 200 of them.

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