Wacom Cintiq Companion pro artists and designers' reviews – week 2: getting creative

Week two and our contestants have been getting to grips with the Cintiq Companion. See how they have been getting on.


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liambrazier said: I can only speak for myself but that's because I was told to review the machine as part of my workflow, and as you've noted, there's not much wrong at all with the Cintiq's ability to run Creative Cloud etc. in fact for most drawing tasks it's better (and most applications are identical from OS to OS).The only things that this twit been indeed "bitching about" are to do with Windows and how it runs on the Companion, as that has impacted my workflow negatively.I'd love an OSX version, but that will never happen. In fact, as a Creative Cloud user I'd be happy for Wacom to team with Adobe and put out a Companion with essentially no front end, just a launcher for the Apps and cloud file sync.

Daniel Conder said: sounds like all these twits are bitching about windows and not the cintiq.. ugh.

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