Form’s Print-Inspired Branding for Essex Print Studio

London-based design and branding studio Form has designed a series of simple yet effective logos for Essex Print Studio based on different print techniques.

Essex Print Studio run classes and workshops for anyone interested in extgending their print practise – a refreshing change from the predominant digital work in modern design and branding.

Anyone can have the chance to get inky whilst learning solar plating, screen-printing and letterpress, live drawing in print and drypoint on Perspex.

The workshops take place at the Hippo Screen Printers studio in Essex well as other venues.

Lynne Blackburn and partner Ian Bailey are the talent behind Hippo Screen Printers – a fine art printmaking studio specialising in hand-pulled screen print editions.

Form partner Paul West reconnected with Lynne, a former arts student of his, and they began working together on projects after more than 20 years apart.

Lynne and Hippo Screen Printers were pivotal in helping to create Paul's Silent Voices art series, and this grew into a strong creative relationship.

When Hippo Screen Printers created Essex Print Studio, Form where asked to create the branding and identity.

Form created a series of logos based around the acronym 'EPS' in a square and different print techniques.

The website homepage is also presented in boxes with colour-coded layering over images of the studio, taken by Form partner Paul West.

These colour codes translate further into the website, but take the shape of a circle, like the full stop in the logo.

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