UX in 2016: An in-depth discussion of today’s big issues with Clearleft’s Andy Budd

Andy Budd knows a thing or two about UX. His Brighton-based digital agency Clearleft has produced sites for the likes of Penguin and Channel 4 – and put on the recent UX London conference (with another conference called Leading Design launching next month).

Between the two conferences, I caught up with Andy to talk about the biggest trends in UX in 2016. This is an unashamedly in-depth discussion where you'll learn much more than from the 'snackable' short interviews you'll find on many other sites.

In the video above, Andy discusses what UX really means – when the term is often used broadly for anything from UI to service design. Andy explains why he takes issue with a comment about UX made by Louise Downe from GDS (the Government’s Digital Service) at UX London, who said that “we don't have UX designers, everyone is one".

From here Andy gives his views on whether the huge array of ‘helpful’ online resources – from blogs to style guides – offered by GDS are really useful for those working on commercial projects.

There’s a talent gap in the UX industry – a lack of supply to match the demand for UX practitioners from agencies, startups and large companies. Andy discusses this, and how those working in UX today can gain the skills to rise in their careers to run their own departments or studios.

Finally, Andy talks about the thinking behind his next conference – Leading Design. He explains the challenges faced by designers when they get to board-level positions in large companies – for example, chief design officer (CDO) – and how to succeed when you’re working alongside those from other backgrounds from marketing and finance to IT.

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