Tooling up

Let's face it. It’s a competitive market out there, certainly in London. With the volume of CVs passing through a recruiter or recruitment agent’s desk, you’re easily pigeonholed, grouped as a ‘have’ or ‘have not’ for what they’re looking for.

For that reason, the freelance CVs I see will inevitably read like a car crash of technologies, trying to trump the all-important initial keyword search.

But whether you’re a creative, designer, developer or producer, the single most valuable experience you can cite right now is social media, and in particular Facebook. The tools are here, the case for it no longer in dispute and agencies are actively looking for people who can plan and build this stuff, or manage the process.

More and more, social media is part of every project being conceived and not merely an afterthought. You should know when to use it, how to integrate with it, what to look out for, even how to cost it up in the first place. Just a little experience right now will put you head and shoulders above the competition.

And unlike media creative or site builds, you needn’t land a professional gig to get your hands dirty. Set up a fun profile, Facebook Connect it, widgetise something you’ve already made and see what happens. Doing so will give you the confidence to talk about it. Rest assured, people will be listening.


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