See Facebook, NASA and Microsoft's code turned into interactive artworks

Image: Codeology's homepage

Braintree, which is part of Paypal, has teamed up with GitHub to grow a beautiful, new branch of work. Codeology reimagines code – which, for something indispensible to modern life, is frustratingly invisible – as colourful animated shapes. 

Codeology’s hub now crawls with strange bug-looking animations, representing code from NASA to Facebook. Each shape is unique, dictated by the code itself, with longer script leading to larger images and programming language showing in different colours.


NASA’s code (above) looks to us like a strange, cuboid and terrifyingly dangerous scorpion. Though we are open to other interpretations.

Facebook's code (above) is a chunkier creature.


Microsoft's code (above).

There is much more to see on Codeology's featured code page, where you can rotate the image and more about where each section came from. You can also find individual projects by searching for GitHub users. 

Braintree invites you to experiment with your own code in its playful open source project, download projects as wallpapers and GIFs, and have a go at reshaping Codeology yourself if you want to fork or modify it, as the project is shared on GitHub. 

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