Microsoft leak shows how its HoloLens AR headset could help creatives

Microsoft’s HoloLens isn’t ready for prime time yet, but an interesting leak is giving the world its first real look at the augmented reality platform.

The leaked two minute tutorial video comes courtesy of a new Microsoft program called Actiongram that appears to be an app for creating mixed reality videos. Actiongram allows users to drag 3D models – which it calls ‘holograms’ – such as cartoon characters or digital rendering into the real world, creating 3D-supplemented videos. For now, the video shows the technology's potential for an astronaut to bounce round your sofa, so we're excited to see what the imaginations of the design world could create. 

Though, as Brad Sams points out, it seems these clips only last 30 seconds which is ripe for quick, shareable content rather than long-term, intense creation as you can see from the GIF below - though hopefully this is a temporary limitation. 

Twitter user Walking Cat (@h0x0d), who has a knack for poking around Microsoft sites and uncovering interesting documents and information, first leaked the information. Walking Cat’s previous efforts got us an early looks at Office 365 apps and Edge extensions. This time around, Walking Cat was able to grab some user documents and videos purportedly from the Actiongram site—dubbed Project Burbank.

Your glance acts as a cursor to point to items and you can select holograms, such as the Start menu, with an 'air tap' - which is literally reaching your hand out in space and tapping. Microsoft appear to be coming up with an alternative method for navigation via a Bluetooth peripheral dubbed the Bluetooth Clicker. The handheld device has an elastic finger loop and a “thumb dish” at the top for clicking on items similar to a mouse—at least we presume that’s how it’s used.

Keep an eye out for more details about HoloLens, which should be coming out later this year. 

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