6 examples of fantastic UX

While some designers champion psychological trickery as a means to make websites more effective, the best web user experiences can have an influence that is both positive and honest. Here are six examples of UX design at its best.


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BoneStarr said: The irony is killing me... 6 Examples of Fantastic UX yet the page displaying this has the worst UX I've seen for a long time...

Kerry Butters said: I have to echo the concerns of others below, can't see the content, just ads - now leaving.

john said: 7 months later.... and I still echo what Tom said. "I really have no idea what I'm looking at on this page. What a mess"

Jerry said: Where is the actual post? All I can see is ads and nav bars all over the place.

Victor said: what the heck am I even looking at?

Arefe said: Just want to tlet you know that UX design if this page is very great as I spent a few minutes trying to find where are those examples you are talking about...

Abhinav said: correct linkhttp://www.digitalartsonline.c...Btw... i wonder abt the content

jazzy said: wow, 3/4 ads and the rest is intelligible.

Tom said: I really have no idea what I'm looking at on this page. What a mess.

Felix Rabe said: Hate to agree, I don't even find the content :(

rx said: yeah man work on your site first before you espouse good design, what a clusterfuck.

eeklipzz said: uggg... too many ads! I can't see where the content is.

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