50 best online Adobe XD tutorials

Adobe’s Experience Design CC (Beta) – Adobe XD – is an excellent tool for designing and prototyping websites and mobile apps, and here is how to use it.

Adobe XD recently launched for Windows 10 (it’s always been available for macOS) and released new real-time sharing features. It's now used by designers at major digital giants such as Airbnb and Design Inc.

Designers can now cite wireframes, screen layouts and interactive prototypes all within the same app using powerful tools like Repeat Grid specifically built for XD. In a design world where brands value UX and UI design first, it’s becoming crucial for designers to understand what is capable in these areas and how to build a solid relationship with developers.

Adobe XD is a handy tool for designers to view and showcase their designs in a prototype mode straight away, so you can see changes applied immediately on a smart phone or tablet. Anyone in the wider company can offer quick feedback, and designers can share their work with developers who will in turn build to the specifications.

But the software is always evolving and introducing new features – Adobe claims as often as every month – as it learns from designers themselves about what features are important. The latest updates for Adobe XD on Windows 10, from June 13, include gradients, stylised text tools, symbols and drag-and-drop layers. To see a timeline of all new features of Adobe XD, click here.

Here we feature 50 online Adobe XD tutorials for beginners or experts. Some are paid tutorials and some are free. Sometimes it’s hard to justify paying for tutorials when there are free alternatives available, however most of the following subscription-based learning hubs offer a free trial, so you can learn Adobe XD from the best without having to pay a penny.

All websites feature offer multiple tutorials, so you can pick exactly which features and skills you wish to learn.

We've tried to include recent tutorials because the older a tutorial was posted, the more out of the date the software will be. It's also worth mentioning that many of the tutorial platforms, such as Dansky, envatotuts+ and Udemy – feature tutorials by UK designer Daniel White. Daniel has had over 10 years experience as a designer in the UK.

Adobe Experience Design CC (Beta) is available to download for free during the preview period. You can download it from Adobe or through the Creative Cloud desktop app.

For more on UX design read our guide on everything you need to know about Adobe XD software and the best paid and free UX design courses here

Adobe XD Learn and Support

10 different tutorials
Level: Beginner and experienced
Pricing: Free

Let’s begin with Adobe’s own support service. Split into both a Beginners Guide and User guide, Adobe’s tutorials are very easy to follow and a great place to start. But be aware of a rather monotonous voice over (not quite like Jason Levine) in the videos.

There are seven tutorials (aided by videos) to help new users get a handle on the software, such as getting to know the XD interface, and drawing icons for the first time.

The beginner tutorials include designing for web and mobile apps, how to create and share prototypes, exporting, drawing icons and shapes and previewing your design on actual devices.

These are all for macOS, but two key videos have since been added – a how-to on Adobe XD for Windows and how to wireframe to high fidelity prototype.

The experienced tutorials cover pro tips, tips and tricks for UI/UX design on macOS and wireframe to high fidelity.

All you need to do in advance is download Adobe XD and a sample file to practise with. 


24 different tutorials
Level: Beginner and experienced
Pricing: Free

Dansky is probably the best website to visit to garner a strong understanding of Adobe XD.

Dansky is an online platform dedicated to creative people – essentially a hub of creative skills for designers in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop Premiere Pro, Sketch and XD. The Adobe XD recorded live-stream tutorials are provided by designer Daniel White, the man behind Dansky. Although they’re great; you will need a fair bit of spare time on your hands to run through each entire one hour and 30-minute video.

Each tutorial hones in on a specific topic. Daniel covers app design and prototype, chat UI design, scrollable artboards, straight and curved edges, 10 icons, working switch UI, wire framing and designing, layers ands symbols, browser UI, Instagram logo icon and the list continues.


5 different tutorials
Level: Beginner and advanced
Pricing: £10 per course (for a limited time)

Udemy’s courses won’t put you too much out of pocket, but will guarantee expert advice on how to navigate Adobe XD.

How to Design & Prototype in Adobe XD is a training course on the tools of Adobe XD, how to design icons and other popular UI elements, and how to design an app screen in Adobe XD. For a one-off payment of £10, you’ll receive on-demand video, supplemental resource and access on mobile and TV.

This course is targeted at not only web designers, UI designers and UX designers, but also students interested in learning app design and prototyping. There are other Adobe XD tutorials available with Udemy, which you can check out here.


7 different tutorials
Level: Beginner
Pricing: 30 day free trial or £12.95 per month

Lynda.com is a great hub for all developer, design and web focused tutorials. You can try Lynda.com free for 30 days – and in that time essentially learn how to use Adobe XD for free – or you can subscribe for £12.95 per month and get access to all video tutorials and new courses weekly.

In a one-hour video tutorial at a beginner level, learn how to use all of the main features of Adobe XD – such as artboards, drawing and text tools, links and interactions, preview panel and sharing features. Also learn how to use Repeat Grid, a feature for duplicating content in a layout. Bear in mind this tutorial is almost a year old, so there may be new features.

But there are many more Adobe XD video tutorials available on Lynda.com, including new features and how to design a website or mobile app, so hunt around to find out which tutorial suits you best.


4 different tutorials
Level: Beginner
Pricing: 10 day free trial or US$15 per month

There are four Adobe XD how-to tutorials available on Envatotuts+ which are definitely worth checking out.

In fact, Daniel White features again with his tips on prototyping an app in Adobe XD, alongisde Adobe XD in 60 seconds and This is Adobe XD tutorials – which cover fills, gradients and shadows, transforming and aligning shapes, object and background blur, prototyping and transitions.

There’s also Rafiq Elmansy’s How to Create a UI Prototype Using Adobe XD step-by-step guide.

You can take an Envatotuts+ course straight away with a free 10-day trial, otherwise the platform costs US$15 a month, granting access to hundreds of courses, with new ones added every week.

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