Watch: Marylou Faure's colourful pool art transforms an urban hotspot

In our latest video interview we feature A la Piscine, the vibrant artist's biggest show yet.

This March saw some exciting new developments in London's East End, with longtime pillar of the illustration community Skye Kelly-Barrett taking over the reins as curator for The Book Club, the Hackney eatery known for its popular gallery shows as much as its food and drink.

The latest artist to adorn the venue's walls with art is Marylou Faure, who, like Skye, is one of London's best-known illustration personalities, if not beyond.

Digital Arts
was at The Book Club to catch Marylou's biggest show to date, A la Piscine, a collection of prints and murals devoted to the wonder of chilling by the poolside. We filmed a video interview with Marylou which you can watch above, chatting on a day that was typically British in its cold and gloom.

But not to worry, for Marylou's vibrant art achieves its aim in bringing back a little summer to our lives; with the current news cycle, such sunny, positive art is needed more than ever, we feel. 

As you'd expect, The Book Club is currently closed due to recent events, meaning you can't catch A la Piscine in person until further notice. Until then, bask in the glow of Marylou's world in our video, or catch photos from the show below alongside a write up of what me and her talked about while chilling by an imaginary pool.

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Daydreams become reality

"Initially the artwork was a personal series that I started, and I was daydreaming about summer, which is 75% of what I do," Marylou tells me before one of her large-scale figures, a swim-suited daydreamer resting on her front.

"I did a couple of illustrations just for fun, and then Skye (of Skye Victoria Projects) approached me about doing a show at The Book Club, and so I thought it'd be fun to continue that series and do something very summery, very fresh. Something exotic and hot in the middle of winter, so that it would break the coldness and greyness of London," she continues.

"I made around 12-15 artworks for this; I live nearby The Book Club so I knew how much I could 'take over' as I know the space so well. I really wanted to do big murals and brand it into that series."

Digital to wall

"We did four big murals, painting all the walls we could paint, the arcade, some of the circles.

Marylou also created various prints to dot around the space, some of which focus more tightly on her figures: the back of a head, a close-up on a posterior.

"I wanted to try something different where you get into the detail of a character, pushing it to a point where it becomes more graphic and abstract, but still representing a character.

There's also one more surprise in store for any patrons of the Book Club who need to wash their hands.

"After I planned the series and showed it to Skye, we met up just after Christmas and we were looking at the space when we saw the bathroom and thought, 'Maybe a vinyl on the mirror here could be fun.' Just a little last-minute detail we added!"

"As I work in mainly digital, I was a bit worried about the paint colours not matching, but Skye actually got all the colours in the world! We did a test the Sunday before painting everything and found the right ones.

"I love having my work 'big', it works nicely," Marylou continues, comparing the different between her art on the wall and her art on a screen.

"It's very refreshing not to just have it on the iPad or as a small print."

State of Mind

"I would like people to come away with that feeling of not thinking about anything, worrying about anything, just enjoying their free time – especially now when it's pretty miserable.

"I love swimming in general; if I see water I need to be in it, regardless of the temperature or the place. Part of my family is from a village in the south of France, and my dad has a house there with a swimming pool I really love.

"It's the perfect place to escape; I love going there to chill and not think about anything else."

Personal Piscine

"It's very exciting and so personal to do a show. You're in charge of the whole process from start to finish, which is sometimes not the case with client projects

"It's also your personal work, which is exactly what you want to show. But the night before it starts I'm like, 'Fuck! There's a lot to do.' That's stressful, but I like to be organised and try not to leave too much space for many errors. But it's always a fun process."

Once things get back on track around the world, Marylou will have two more shows aross London and Dublin, one of which will be based around her sumptuous Daydream sculptures (which you can check out here).

A reminder that A la Piscine will be back on show at The Book Club once it reopens later in 2020; also another reminder to sub to the Digital Arts channel on YouTube where you can watch our interview with Marylou Faure.

Photography by Dominik Tomaszewski.

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