Watch Jon Burgerman Live Draw Humpty Dumpty for Sesame Street

Do you know about Humpty Dumpty? Oh, you haven’t heard? Well - for a whole set of reasons beyond his great fall- you should have.

Our favourite fun doodler Jon Burgerman has nobly put his illustrative powers to helping all the king’s horses and all the king’s men finally put Humpty together again. 

Jon has reimagined Sesame Street’s Humpty Dumpty – a more hilarious, ridiculous take on Humpty than the original rhyme – armed with a big black marker, a couple of colours and his calming, unexpectedly well-suited reading voice. 

Complete with pink horses, the king’s men and women, and adorable character design, Jon approaches Sesame Studio’s Humpty Dumpty with his usual fun, happy, infectious enthusiasm, wonderfully odd perspective and great doodling skills.

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