Watch 4 Hours of Amazing Paper Cutting in 40 Seconds

Video: Illustrator and paper artist Sarah Dennis creates a gorgeous paper cut landscape for a BBC ident

Artists make their work look effortless in a time-lapse. And Sarah Dennis' gorgeous ocean scape created for a 40-second BBC ident is no different - until you realise that 4 hours of intricate cutting went into the peaceful, alluring finished piece. 

Discovering the hard work behind Sarah's spell comes with none of the disappointment of a magician revealing his secrets. Instead, the work becomes even more of a marvel: I barely have enough energy, patience or skill to count all those birds flooding the sky, let alone cut each beautifully formed, uniquely imagined bird out and arrange them in a wonderfully picturesque and balanced flock, like Sarah has.

Image: A similar ocean by Sarah 

It is a shame we only get to lust over Sarah’s work for under a minute. Distracted at first by the graceful birds and rolling hills, it can take a moment to spot the ocean below – from the flick of a whale’s tale to the seal poking its head out the water to enjoy the avian scene.

As you can see in her carefully created and gorgeously imagined paper cut ocean landscape, Sarah is a whimsical lover of nature and fairytales, and her work is all the more beautiful for it. Past clients include Panasonic, The Guardian and Kew Gardens.

Image: Another work by Sarah

Sarah’s ident was created as part of ‘Craft Britain’ and ran through programmes celebrating craft and its rise in popularity.

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