Danny Sangra A Minute's Silence
A passionate advocate of creative collaboration since he busted out of the graphics department at Central Saint Martins, to work with fashion students, Danny Sangra collaborates with knitwear designer Lynn Cockburn – who works as Lynnda Needles – for clients including Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton. Their debut knitwear collection, The Gun and The Girl, is on their label A Minute Silence.

“I like 1960s images and find those colours really appealing”, says Danny. References include vintage knitting patterns, and classic Bond Girls. As well as collaborating on the colours and patterns, Danny reworked the promotional photos, shot the photo session on video as a promo, and designed the ‘look book’.

“We didn’t start AMS as a conventional, seasonal fashion label, or simply to use colour; we just thought that our first collection should stand out. Our next project may be all black! There are certain restrictions to using colour in fashion though; we wanted to do patterns in cashmere but you can only get certain colours in certain yarns”.

It’s nothing new for Danny to cross disciplines; he’s illustrated magazines, painted murals, and shot music promos. For him, the most important thing is to keep experimenting – so he’s as happy showing in a gallery as he is laying out an album cover on his Mac, while his creative tool box includes, photography, screen-printing, and a sewing machine.

“I’m actually colourblind, so I collect swatches and tailor them for myself using Photoshop. So, the colour palette I use might be considered pretty full on,” he said. “I start with one colour scheme and then adjust the hue, to see how it looks; more often than not I go with something I hadn’t planned. Importantly, colours and patterns have to work together, and I find a balance of colours to make each pattern work. I’m not very technical about it; if I think it needs blue in the corner then I add it.”